Higgins Hut - Alpine National Park, Victorian High Country - June 2013
Mar 18, 2014Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Macalister River on way to Licola from Heyfield
Photo: Great Views!
Photo: Great Views!
Photo: On the Tamboritha Road up from Licola, taken on Sat 1:45pm, snow on the ground, hmmm, could get cold tonight!
Photo: We went up the Dingo Hill Track. Note to Kylie & Mark, Jack & Angus - remember this track? It's still closed due to a memorable landslide, 8 months later
Photo: Where we stayed Sat night
Photo: Note, only 1261m above sea level, hmmm is this why we froze?
Photo: Found a nice place to Camp near Higgins Hut
Photo: Something tells me we're going to need a fire tonight!
Photo: Great campsite!
Photo: Car temperature gauge at 8am Sun morning, yes that's minus 7! What temp did it get to during the night? Don't know, but I sure wasn't going to get up to check!
Photo: Pegasus with frost bite in the morning
Photo: Brrrr...yes this is chilly!
Photo: Checkout the Mountain Goat bottle, pity there was none left from last night! Actually I need a port not a beer!
Photo: Where's Kylie when you need her?
Photo: Ahhhh I think I can start to feel my fingers again
Photo: Serenity!
Photo: around the campsite
Photo: just below us, a small bridge
Photo: This was a puddle yesterday!