Jul 7, 2015Public
Video: Percolating in the car with Rick Strickland
somewhere in Myrtle Beach, SC
Video: Percolating with Paisley!  This girl knows how to PERCOLATE!
Darlington, SC
Video: Lori Stone, Claudia Ledford & Pam Bruno Percolating at Carbone's Steak & Seafood Restaurant
Little River, SC
Video: And they're still Percolating!  Lori Stone, Pam Bruno & Claudia Ledford @ Carbone's Steak & Seafood Restaurant
Little River, SC
Video: Rick Strickland PERCOLATES in the Shearin Park recording studios!  
Murrells Inlet, SC
Video: Curtis Hudson
Video: Kathy Bennington
Video: Percolating at the Subway
Video: DJ Eric Bowman's got CRAZY Percolating moves!
Video: DJ Johnny B has got the Percolation Moves!
Video: Percolating by the Pool!
Video: DJ Ted Bell works it with his Amazingly Amazing Percolating skills!
Video: Ted Bell can't stop Percolating!
Video: South Strand Shag Club
Video: My Percolator is all Percolated out!!  Oh NO!!!
Video: Get Your Feet On The Floor is #1!!!
Video: Bob & Lori
Video: Rick, Sharon, Bailey & Barkley
Video: Little River SC
Video: Little River SC
Video: Peaches & Boone are percolating in Salem VA
Video: Sharon practices the Let's Percolate dance! - Salem VA
Video: Peaches & Boone really percolate when treats are around!
Video: Moe's Grill - Blacksburg, VA