TIBET Day 2 - July 5-6 - Lhasa first day or 2.
Aug 2, 2007Public
Photo: We arrived in Lhasa around 3 pm.  We could feel the altitude (12,000').  The guide met us and put white scarves around our necks in greeting.  Another guy drove us to Lhasa in about an hour seemingly crazily passing at questionable times.  (Later in the trip we got a ride with a Mario Andretti impersonator and REALLY found out how it feels to  pass trucks!!)  It was sunny and hot and exhausting!
Photo: Rock paintings on the way into Lhasa
Photo: Construction on the way to Lhasa.  It seemed like a lot of construction until we got to Beijing.
Photo: View from hotel hallway
Photo: A street near our hotel.
Photo: spice seller
Photo: Narrower alley with stalls.
Photo: an especially narrow alley
Photo: Street near our hotel
Photo: interesting signage on our street
Photo: The pilgrims walk a kora, a clockwise circuit of a few blocks surrounding the Johkang Temple, through small winding streets.
Photo: traditional Tibetan female dresses
Photo: on the Jokhang kora
Photo: Jokhang kora from 2nd fl restaurant
Photo: We ate at restaurants that had English menu tranlations and  served Indian, Tibetan and western oriented food.  We usually ordered 4 or 5 dishes, each costing less than $2.00.  Dinners usually cost less than $10.00 for 2 people not including water bottles.
Photo: At some point in the afternoon/evening, lots of monks do the kora.
Photo: narrow alley off kora, restaurant window sill in foreground
Photo: an extremely cute baby
Photo: pilgrims prostrating in front of Jokhang
Photo: For most Tibetans the Jokhang Temple, a Buddhist temple on Barkhor Square in Lhasa, is the most sacred and important temple in Tibet.
Photo: Jokhang temple was constructed by King Songtsän Gampo probably in 642.