Great Lakes Research Center "Water's Edge" show
Apr 20, 2014Public
Photo: Bonnie Peterson and Joyce Koskenmaki
standing in front of Amy Arntson watercolors
Photo: 2nd fl of the GLRC
Photo: A snowy day with lots of light.
Photo: another installation photo
Photo: Of Bogs & Benthos (top)
and Upper Peninsula (left)
Photo: Bluemlisalp Glacier (left),
Of Bogs & Benthos (top)
Photo: more installation photos
Photo: Bluemlisalp Glacier and Turning Green
Photo: Two of Joyce's paintings on the first floor.
Photo: Joyce Koskenmaki's work
Photo: Joyce Koskenmaki's work is at:
Photo: Joyce's work hanging next to an underwater fish video!
Photo: Amy Arntson's watercolors are at:
Photo: Amy Arntson watercolors
Photo: Amy Arntson watercolors near the entrance
Photo: Amy Arntson's work and the banner