Dogsled race: Copper Dog starts in Calumet, MI
Mar 13, 2010Public
Photo: Calumet, MI - around 5 pm on 4th st, lined up with the other trucks, in race order (#22).  Jim's fixed up a chain system next to the truck to attach the dogs while they wait, and is organizing the gear.
Photo: Jim and Dwayne examining headlamps, straps, sled.
Photo: Dwayne calming the dogs
Photo: Dogs are attached to a chain, waiting to get attached to the sled.
Photo: Volunteers holding the dogs while Jim finishes attaching them to the sled.
Photo: Got the sled and ready to move up to the starting line!
Photo: Near the starting line, Jim's attaching a blinking light to one of the lead dogs
Photo: Volunteers hold the dogs.
Photo: Action photo!
Photo: At the starting line!
Video: Video: Moving up to the starting line!
Video: Video:  At the starting line, the dogs are very excited and can't wait to go!
Video: Video: This is it!  10-9-8-7..  VERY EXCITING!