Stevens Pass, Washington to Manning Park, Canada
Aug 28, 2010Public
Photo: Stevens Pass, WA
We flew into Seattle the morning of Monday 7/12, and caught an Amtrak bus to the pass (2.5 hr) at 4 pm - arrived at pass at approx 6:45
Photo: Monday July 12, 2010 
 The bus dropped us off in a misty fog/rain, at 6:30 or 7.  We found a campsite at the edge of a parking lot.  It rained on and off, mostly on, all night -- the first test of our new Rainshadow Tarp Tent!  Thank you Henry Shires, it worked great.
Photo: Efforts to lighten up the pack weight: Osprey Exos 58 backpack - under 3 lbs, and 4 oz rain jacket (only $25!!).
Photo: Day 1- Tues 7/13/10 - Stevens Pass to Lake Janius, 9.5 mi
Photo: Day 1 - The trail had wet weeds and my boots were soon soaked.
Photo: The first part of the trail was just wet weeds, but soon we were in total snowfields spending hours looking for the trail.  We were following footprints when we could, using the gps and map occasionally, compass often.  Met a trail crew near the beginning and 2 women on the way to Valhalla Lake.  Those were the only people we met for 3-4 days.
Photo: Day 2 - 7/14/10 - Lake Janius to Pear Lake, 8.4 mi.  
We woke up to sun at Lake Janius campsite.  Our boots were soaked from the prior day, but the liners dried out overnight and we had dry socks.  The wet socks dried on the packs as we hiked.
Photo: View of the huge interior space in this 3 person Tarp Tent (under 3 lbs),
drying out the gear.
Photo: We traveled over half of Day 2 on snow.  It was slow, wet and difficult as we went only 1 mph!  We started to ration our food since the mileage was so low.
Photo: Found the trail on a steep section between large post holing boulders and steep hillside!
Photo: snowy trail!
Photo: An early view of Glacier Peak (?)
Photo: We got lost at least 4 x that day - two of them majorly time consuming.  When we got to a pass or a big bowl, it was totally snow covered.  There have been steep hillsides although the snow was often soft and easy to put steps in.
Photo: snow snow snow on a huge long section on a long ridge
Photo: plants coming up!
Photo: Campsite at Pear Lake - just a small space free of snow for the tent, and another small space where we pumped water out of the lake.
Photo: Day 3 - 7/15/10 - Pear Lake to Lake Sally Ann, 10.75 mi
Photo: morning at Pear Lake
Photo: neatnick's stuff
Photo: my bear box w/the dry food/no stove method
Photo: After Pear Lake there was a tricky spot where we got lost - lots of footprints where people had gone low of the trail
Photo: Another steep traverse.  We dug our fingers and poles into the snow and walked very carefully