JRDC 20th Anniversary
Sep 8, 2016Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: For the 40th Anniversary, Connie mounted the 20th Anniversary photos on a colorful new mat.  No more dot matrix printing for JRDC!
Photo: A pitch-in buffet was added to the December Dance for the 20th Anniversary Celebration.  Left to right: Dick Pendleton with the red bowtie.  Ernie Kendall is looking at the camera from the end of the table (John's head is to her right).   Imogene Royal in black with the long necklace.  Peggy Cassens is in the shiny blouse.  Mary Ellen Eldridge in the blue dress.  That is Marty (?) in the red dress.  The buffet remained a December tradition until we added the New Years Dance (and needed nourishment to make it to midnight).
Photo: Charter members in attendance at the 20th Anniversary Dance: l-r, Roz Sutherland, Jules Lerzak, and Secretary/Treasurer Ellen Snellenbarger.
Photo: Guests from the Purdue Ballroom Club.
Photo: Essie and Laverne Lutes performed a Tango exhibition.  Ed and Barb Mau are dancing in the background.
Photo: Quickstep exhibition dancers.
Photo: For the next 20 years, we displayed the 20th Anniversary photos on a poster board.  Note the dot matrix printing and fancy scissor work.  This was as high tech as we got in the 20th Century.
Photo: I have a hard time parting with these artifacts...