Chatsworth Streets & Homes
Apr 14, 2009Public
Photo: Aerial view 1963 - Bob Saathoff file
Photo: Aerial view of Chatsworth - 1954

Notice CHS in the lower center

From: American Aerial County History Series

John Drury 1955

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Photo: Oliver's Turtle Pond from plat of 1837
Photo: Oliver Farm 

From: American Aerial County History Series

John Drury 1955
Photo: Cyclone of 1912 Postcard
Photo: Cyclone of 1912-Eileen Miller File
Photo: Notice the brick sidewalks - the beautiful tower windows on the left building - The Bell Tower - Harbeke Hall building still stands in the east block.
Photo: Chatsworth City Park - 1940
Photo: Bandstand in Chatsworth City Park - 1911
Photo: Band Stand in the Chatsworth City Park

Photo: Water Tower in the Chatsworth City Park-This is not a 1941 photo, sorry.
Photo: Pavilion in the Chatsworth City Park built in 1962. I believe the workers to be Jerry Birkenbiel in the forground and Cliff Runyon on the shovel.
Photo: First Town Hall was located on the south side of the center block
Photo: On 5th Street looking north.
Photo: Road going north on east side of Tile Pond.
Photo: Walter's Lake-looking east. Catholic church is in background.
Photo: Walter's Tile Factory
Photo: J. Brown's Ice Factory on Walter's Lake making ice - 1924 - Cindy Baker File
Photo: Brrrrr !!
Photo: The Grand - Chatsworth, Illinois 

Built in 1902 

Was the site of many dances, plays, political speeches on the upper floor and many businesses on the lower floor.
Photo: Woodmen's Picnic -Locust Street-Center Block
Photo: Woodsmen Picnic Early 1900's
Photo: Corn Carnival Postcard dated 1907