Chatsworth Businesses
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Photo: Germania Sugar Beet Factory owned and operated by the Jennert Brothers opened in 1865 and remained in business for 5 years and was later owned by Jacob Bunn of Springfield and  moved to Freeport, Illinois. The land and buildings were then bought by Col. Kenyon of Chatsworth and torn down. This looks to be the tearing down of the smoke stack in 1871. Info from "The History of Livingston County, 1878" and "History of Chatsworth" by L.J. Haberkorn.
Photo: Chatsworth Electric Light Plant - Built in 1894 by C.C. McDonald and Clyde Hayes. It was located just east of what is now the Radiator Repair Plus. In 1896, D.J. Stanford became propietor. L.A. Walter became a partner in the business and sold out his part in 1898 and the business was sold to C.I.P.S. Service ended at midnight until 1903, when we were granted all night service.
Photo: From the "Chatsworth Area Centennial" Book- Sat at the corner of 6th and Locust. Building to the left is the where the original Legion building was located
Photo: In the 1800's there was a bakery in this building. It sat at the corner of 6th and Locust. Was the home of Lee and Myra Maplethorp and her mother, Mrs. Taylor.
Photo: The Grand Building built 1902- one of the earliest pictures.
Photo: The Grand - our most famous building - built in 1902
Photo: The Grand Postcard

Year Unknown

Dood Bros. Jewelers - Harness shop - Tailor shop - I wonder what happened to the clock!!

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Photo: The Grand Ballroom Ticket Booth
Photo: Mural painted in the Grand Ballroom by Paul Zorn a Chatsworth citizen.
Photo: The Grand Ballroom Stage where many big bands played and famous people gave speches.
Photo: Harbeke Hall in the upstairs. Was located in the center of the southside of the east business block. Later became the Leather's Produce, burned in 1949.
Photo: Leather's Produce Fire - 1949- "Sands of Time"- This was the Harbeke Hall Building.
Photo: From "Sands of Time". The stockyards, built @ 1867, became such a nuisance and were removed in 1886, after many years of hasseling with the railroad. They were on the south side of the west block of Locust Street.
Photo: From "Sands of Time". Built @ 1871 by J. T. Bullard, was located where the Hicks/Amaco Gas Station was.
Photo: From "Sands of Time". Looks to have been located east of the Harbeke Hall, which would have put it on the south side of the east business block.
Photo: Walter's Tile and Stockyards - 1908
Photo: Walter's Tile Factory 1910 became Diller Tile now Princeco
Photo: Walter's Lake and Tile Company - 1915
Photo: Workers at Walter's Tile - From "Sands of Time". Left -right:

Otis Cady, Adolph Zigerth, Edd Game, Clarence Frobish, Louis Bark, Henry Hubbard, William Todden, Frank "Puck{ Reily, Ernest Bark, Frank Mason, F. Lambb, George Clark and Henry Game. (Some of these names are possibly misspelled.
Photo: Men building a kiln at the Walter's Tile Factory - 1910
Photo: Diller Tile - 1950
Photo: Diller Tile

Photo: J. Brown's Ice Factory on Walter's Lake making ice - 1924 - Cindy Baker File
Photo: Brrrrr !!