Vietnam Trip - Year 2000
Feb 22, 2008Public
Photo: Umbrellas hanging in the street of Ho Chi Minh city
Photo: Mechanic working on the side of street
Photo: Mother & baby wash up on city footpath
Photo: Ladies in Market
Photo: Temple Statute
Photo: Inside temple
Photo: Ploughman and ox in Mekong Delta region
Photo: Kids drink water thru' pipe in the fertile Mekong Delta region
Photo: Lady mends bag
Photo: Mekong Delta
Photo: Fueling station on Mekong Delta
Photo: Major mode of transport on the Mekong
Photo: School girl riding home
Photo: The old and younger generations
Photo: Nha Trang - the beach area of Vietnam
Photo: Nha Trang coastline
Photo: Gorgeous sandy beach of Nha Trang region
Photo: Fishing boat sailing home
Photo: Woman in garden
Photo: Woman collecting salt
Photo: Nha Trang boat dock
Photo: Girl chopping up veges
Photo: Child of Ho Chi Minh village town
Photo: Cute children