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Photo: India- Punjab
Photo: Marker cum leveler presented in SRI Status report in Chhittisgarh [report by Saroj Kumar Jena]
Photo: Farmers in Madhya Pradesh use a bamboo marker, an example of local innovation.
Photo: Farmers transplant young seedlings with careful spacing in Madhya Pradesh.
Photo: Bamboo marker in Madhya Pradesh.
Photo: Rope marker used in the Madhya Pradesh region of India.
Photo: Farmers making a marker for rice transplanting in Ferrier, Haiti, June 2010 [Photo by Erika Styger]
Photo: Day of transplanting - the self-made marker is used to prepare a grid pattern that will guide the transplanting; Ferrier, Haiti, June 2010 [Photo by Erika Styger]
Photo: Timbuktu, Mali, West Africa. June 2008. Here a wooden marker (like a rake) is pulled across the field in both directions to create the spacing for transplanting the seedlings. The wooden marker works best in soils that have a uniform mud consistency.  [Photo by Erika Styger]
Photo: Ghulam Hazrat, a DAIL staff member in Doshi, practices marking. [Photo by Ali Muhammad Ramzi]
Photo: Courtesy of Anoop Tiwari.
Photo: SRI markers invented by farmers.
Photo: SRI markers invented by farmers.
Photo: Marker described in the Hindu, Jan. 3, 2013. Made in Tamil Nadu Ag Univeristy by Dr. Kathiresan (
 A low weight triangular pointer with three straight bamboo/casuarina sticks or polyvinyl chloride pipes. 3 lengthy sticks tied with small sticks (25 cm length), or 6 mm iron rod fitted with half an inch GI triangular shape pipe holder with 60 angles in each corner. 10 feet sticks (three) for planting by two labourers.The iron rod measuring 25 cm in length, represents the intra row spacing and the ten feet sticks in which markings are made represent inter row spacing.
For measuring the spacing, a triangular shaped iron rod fitted with the lengthy (10 feet) sticks at every five feet is also introduced. Six points are marked on the lengthy sticks at the spacing of 25 cm to point the exact place for planting the seedlings. The planting can be done by a single labourer for an acre.
Photo: Roller marker with bicycle wheels in Manipur, India [Photo courtesy of Mr. Tomba, 2013]
Photo: Tool to dig holes for spacing in plastic mulch in SRI adaptation in southwestern China [photo from LuShihua's (SAAS)  ppt]
Photo: SRI Resource person is demonstrating SRI- marking to new volunteers in Afghanistan. [Photo Courtesy by Ali Ramzi]
Photo: Close-up view of SRI Roller marker used in Thailand [Photo by Supachai Pitiwut, 2013]
Photo: Transplanting by dart method (SRI transplanting in roller-marked ricefield in Thailand [Photo by Supachai Pitiwut, 2013]
Photo: Demonstration of Roller marker on SRI field in Thailand [Photo by Supachai Pitiwut, 2013]