2007 - 11 Over Thorung La, 5416 m
Jan 18, 2008Public
Photo: Gangapurna 7454 m early in the morning
Photo: Sunrise over  Annapurnas while valley still in cold shadow
Photo: Central Marshyangdi valley backwards from Manang 3540 m
Photo: Smal lateral valley with Chulu's hat in the background
Photo: Colorful vegetation over 3600 m on upper Marshyangdi valley
Photo: Pisang Peak 6091 m, hidden by clouds 2 days before in Ghyaru
Photo: Tilicho Peak 7134 m,  start point of Marshyangdi valley
Photo: On path to Tilicho, closer than ever to 7000ers
Photo: Our left side is over 6500 m and very close to us; its huge
Photo: Passing over 4000 m altitude
Photo: Mother nature playing with the stone
Photo: Kangshar 3734 m, highest real village in Manang district
Photo: Backwards to Manang, 6000ers look different from above 4000 m
Photo: Roc Noir 7485 m (central), Annapurna I 8091 m (right)
Photo: Annapurna I and Le Grand Barier, baptized so by French team in 1950
Photo: Over 4000 m with direct contact to 8091 m; essence of a Nepal tour
Photo: 6x zoomed panorama starting from left with Roc Noir and Annapurna I
Photo: Annapurna I and south part of Le Grand Barier
Photo: Le Grand Barier: impossible for sherpas said the French in 1950
Photo: Beauty of a 12 times zoom
Photo: No caption can describe more about this Grand Barier
Photo: Tilicho Peak, the right most of this fabulous panorama