Florida 2011 - matkakuvia - travel photos
May 27, 2011Public
Photo: Intracoastal waterway
Photo: Fort Lauderdale
Photo: Fort Lauderdale
Photo: No wonder Fort Lauderdale has a nick "Venice of America"
Photo: One of the many draw bridges in Fort Lauderdale
Photo: Hotel pool area during sunset
Photo: Miami bayside
Photo: Bayside Miami
Photo: The famous American school bus
Photo: Unfortunately I didn't see Horatio Caine in this scene from Key West. The cardboard on the tree says: "No Crime - BEES!"
Photo: End of road at Key West
Photo: Hard Rock Cafe Miami
Photo: Ernest Hemingway House at Key West
Photo: Ernest Hemingway House at Key West
Photo: What's with the cats? Tourists couldn't touch but cats can sleep anywhere they please! =)
Photo: Ernest Hemingway House and the old lighthouse at Key West
Photo: Cats at Hemingway House
Photo: This is probably where Hemingway drank and wrote
Photo: This is where Hemingway probably drank some more
Photo: Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, my "home" for 8 nights. Views towards the city and the intracoastal waterway from the bridge next to the hotels were just great
Photo: I left my Horatio Caine suite back at the hotel ;)
Photo: Intracoastal waterway at Fort Lauderdale
Photo: Hotel room
Photo: "Private yacht. No boarding." Damn! =)