Dubai 1.-6.12.2009 - Travel photos - Matkakuvia
Dec 10, 2009Public
Photo: Burj Dubai, the tallest man-made building/structure in history. 818 meters. Rauma water tower (36 m) wasn't the tallest building after all..
Photo: One building sort of stood out of the Dubai skyline. The tower was visible almost anywhere you went.
Photo: The only "7 star hotel in the world", Burj al Arab. This is pretty much as near as I could get to it. It's only accessible by guests staying at the hotel. It's situated on an artificial island. Check out:
Photo: Bazars in the older part of Dubai.
Photo: By the Dubai creek. I also dared once to take one of these water taxis, abras, to cross the creek.
Photo: The 5-star Atlantis hotel on the artificial Palm Jumeirah island had quite an impressive aquarium in it's entrance hall, among with thousands(?) of smaller and bigger fish, they apparently sank someone's space ship there too.
Photo: It was big.
Photo: A view towards sunset from my hotel rooftop at 166 meters. You can see Burj al arab in the distance, as well as the Atlantis hotel on the Palm Jumeirah island.
Photo: The fully automated, no-driver metro system was nice and very bling bling still at this moment (it opened only months earlier). The train automatically stops to the right place, so you just had to wait for the platform doors to open.
Photo: The buildings alonside Sheikh Zayed road was an impressive sight. Here the buildings are seen from "outside", from the Jumeira side.
Photo: The Dubai Fountain watershow as seen from Neos bar at The Address Downtown Burj Dubai, 63rd floor at 320 meters. To see to the top of Burj Dubai, you still had to look way up =)
Photo: "The world's most spectacular fountain". Sincerely, I believe their slogan. Check out:
Photo: The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world by total area. It has 1200 shops.
Photo: The Mall also featured an ice ring. I also tried it and it turned out to be an epic mistake, since the blades were very dull and I fell down at high speed. The sheiks on the balconies sure were laughing.
Photo: The Mall also had some aquarium and this waterfall/artwork.
Photo: The Dubai Marina / Marina Walk. Just wonderful.
Photo: The Emirates towers.
Photo: Good morning Dubai!
Photo: Good evening Dubai.
Photo: And goodnight =)
Photo: Jumeira Mosque.
Photo: Gold at the Gold bazaar.
Photo: Madinat Jumeirah resort place/shopping bazaar/thing, nice. Burj al Arab in evening lights in the background.
Photo: Madinat Jumeirah.