CHS 6350 Saturday
Oct 17, 2013Public
Photo: Centerpieces
Photo: Silent Auction Prizes
Photo: Nellie Moore and Jerry Smithson
Photo: Becky Sickler McMullen, Hoover '64
Photo: Putting up the sign
Photo: The balloon lady enters the elevator
Photo: Nellie Moore '61 and Jan Worrell Manietta
Photo: Jerry Lovelady lays out the clothing
Photo: Checking in
Photo: Jerry Lovelady and Joe Keeyes
Photo: Mary Wilcox Craven, Mike Craven, and Sid McClue
Photo: The Mission Bay Room
Photo: Kathy Houser Nolan, Linda Johnson Wise, Jerry Smithson, and Rolly Fanton
Photo: The Kleins -- Ron '66, Sarina '63 and Lori '67
Photo: "In the jungle, the mighty jungle -- the lion sleeps tonight"
Photo: Sid McClue
Photo: Sandy and Tom Christensen, Sharon Goldberg Ring
Photo: Carole Shannahoff Wolanow and Nina Lott
Photo: Mariann Feeney and original Centaur advisor Jesse Morphew