Linton Boundary Stones
Apr 2, 2008Public
Photo: BS2 looking East
Photo: BS2 looking East - note the H for Hunton
Photo: BS2 looking West, showing the L for Linton
Photo: At last, BS03 is found!
Photo: BS03 with David Martin
Photo: BS03. It clearly has some markings but what they are cannot be established
Photo: BS 4 visible on its side in a ditch
Photo: BS 4 as found, showing the H for Hunton
Photo: BS 4 having been turned over - the L for Linton is clearly visible next to the blade of grass
Photo: BS04 with 75% of the 23 October 2008 workingt party
Photo: BS04, back in the ground once more..
Photo: BS04 looking E
Photo: "BS 6," looking West
Photo: “BS06” removed from its ditch. On examination, not a boundary marker at all, just a nice piece of dressed stone
Photo: Boundary Stone 08 with David Sendles and Oscar
Photo: BS 8 looking North
Photo: Boundary Stone 8, looking S towards the river
Photo: BS 11 looking N
Photo: BS 11
Photo: BS 14 looking North West
Photo: BS 14
Photo: Boundary Stone 15
Photo: Boundary Stone 16 taken from the field, looking NW
Photo: Boundary Stone 16