Jefferson School Butterfly Garden
Jul 24, 2008Public
Photo: 2008 - The Garden Had Once Been Lovely
Photo: No Maintenance Done in Years
Photo: Everything Overgrown and Unruly
Photo: Paths Difficult to Use
Photo: No Treatment for Inscet Invasion
Photo: No Weeding
Photo: No Trimming
Photo: The Construction of the Butterfly Garden Begins
Photo: Volunteers
Photo: Trimming
Photo: Removing Weeds
Photo: Convict Labor
Photo: Not Dangerous People
Photo: Existing Sculpture Now Visible
Photo: Benches and Clear Pathways Revealed
Photo: Plastic and Mulch Being Added
Photo: Memorial Shrub
Photo: Debris
Photo: Mary May Jones
Photo: Still More to Do - Check Back Later
Photo: Some of the People who Made the Butterfly Garden Possible
Photo: June 21st 2009 - New Arbor (With Butterfly) Donated by the Garden Club