Garden Club Meetings
Oct 28, 2009Public
Photo: Speaker, Rick Katsfy on "Northwest Arkansas Weather"
Photo: Refreshment Table
Photo: Ways and Means Table
Photo: Member makes a purchase at the Ways and Means Table
Photo: Horticultural Display
Photo: Speaker, Janice Kennedy as World Famous Floral Designer Ima Lu Lu
Photo: Board Meeting prior to Regular Meeting
Photo: Ways and Means Tables
Photo: The Bewitching Hostesses Setting up the Food
Photo: October Meeting - More Bewitching Hostesses
Photo: Program, Linda Neymeyer with her Christmas Table Arrangement
Photo: Raffle, Fall Live Arrangement
Photo: April Centerpiece
Photo: Speaker
Photo: New Members Signing Up
Photo: Buying Raffle Tickets
Photo: Social Time
Photo: Speaker - Hydroponics
Photo: Speaker - Hobbs State Park
Photo: Veggies Being Shared for a donation
Photo: Meeting
Photo: Refreshment Table
Photo: Board Meeting
Photo: Raffle Items