Life in pictures
Apr 18, 2010Public
Photo: One year old
Photo: With my brother, Erik, at the Belgian Coast, 1974
Photo: With my dad and brother, Iepenburg, Schoten (Belgium), 1975
Photo: Ile de Ré (France), 1979
Photo: Tirol (Austria), 1980
Photo: With soccer player Erwin Vandenbergh
Photo: Family Pic, 1981
Photo: Primary School Lint, 1981
Photo: Me in "Lederhose" :-) with my Austrian cousin, Erika, Peerdsbos (Brasschaat, Belgium), 1983
Photo: With my brother and mum, Dolomiti (Italy), 1984
Photo: Member of the local drumband (Winner of the Belgian Championship for Drumbands)
Photo: 1985
Photo: Belgian Ardennes, 1989
Photo: Near Rochefort (Belgium), 1992
Photo: Austria, 1995
Photo: At the 1995 symposium about Hendrik de Man (Brussels), together with Robert Voorhamme, Prof. Lothar Bossle and Prof. Mieke Van Haegendoren (from left to right)
Photo: Just before the concert of the Würzburg University Orchestra
Photo: Venice, 1998
Photo: Teacher at Euroschulen Würzburg, 1998
Photo: Teaching at the Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg, 2000
Photo: Catania Beach (Sicily), November 2000
Photo: Dorset, England, August 2001
Photo: My father and me, Diest 2001
Photo: San Francisco, June 2005