Hawaii 2016
Feb 23, 2016Public
Photo: The robot with sharp teeth.
Photo: Checking out the hole in the ground.
Photo: Looking for entombed tephra.
Photo: There's more to these than meet the eye.
Photo: Tree moulds left behind when the pahoehoe flow collapsed.
Photo: An unlucky tree.
Photo: Only about 120lbs of gear. Luckily there are roads everywhere.
Photo: Good view to the active crater.
Photo: Why hang out at the beach when you can work on your sandal tan here?
Photo: C using the mantle of power, E looks on.
Photo: Fishing for anti-wheels, cave trolls, balrogs, etc.
Photo: Field debugging.
Photo: Remnant of unlucky tree.
Photo: Art gallery.
Photo: What are these things, why are they broke?
Photo: View from the couch.
Photo: Measuring the field site.
Photo: Yet another perfect sunny day to spend in paradise.
Photo: Red and blue iridescence on spatter rampart. My guess is film from iron metabolizing bacteria.
Photo: Did not taste like anything, except sharp and pain.
Photo: Straddling the chasm selfie!
Photo: K looks on.
Photo: Fissure from the spatter rampart.