Beaver Digital Citizen/IT Posters
Jan 29, 2013Public
Photo: Natalia - for her Digital Citizen Badge searched the web to find out why the earth rotated - Natalia drew this picture of Planet Earth :) took a photo and sent it by email.
Photo: Clara - Digital Citizen/ IT Badge - Jan16
Photo: Daisy H -  IT Badge - Nov 15
Photo: Luka - IT Badge - Nov 15
Photo: Kasim S - Imagination Badge - How the future will be with Wind farms, electric cars, solar panels and space traffic!
Photo: Ryan - Imagination Badge - What the future will be like!
Photo: Ruben W - drew this computer to complete his IT badge - March 2015
Photo: Lucas - Oct14 - designed healthy eating poster as part of his Fitness Challenge and IT badge.
Photo: Kavish S - Sept14 - Kavish drew picture for part of IT Badge on his parents computer.
Photo: Hugo T
Photo: Daniel J
Photo: Barnaby E
Photo: Holly H