Cesky Krumlov
Jun 20, 2008Public
Photo: Cesky Krumlov Castle in the distance
Photo: Cesky Krumlov castle above Vltava River
Photo: Krumlov castle
Photo: Weird aqueduct-looking structure attached to Krumlov Castle
Photo: The round tower at Krumlov Castle
Photo: The Round Tower at Kurmlov castle with its Renaissance paint job
Photo: The Round tower at Krumlov castle
Photo: While pretty from a distance, when you get closer, the painted stones look a bit lame
Photo: The castle moat is guarded by ferocious brown bears
Photo: Extremely bored, but ferocious brown bears...
Photo: Look at him being ferocious
Photo: Another of the... ahem... ferocious brown bears guarding Krumlov castle
Photo: Aw, he looks so guilty
Photo: The changing of the guard
Photo: Looking over Cesky Krumlov from the Krumlov Castle
Photo: Cesky Krumlov
Photo: Me exercising my artistic license to bail out a boring photograph.
Photo: The Castle Gardens