201204 Foster Kittens
Apr 8, 2012Public
Photo: Mar 22 at their rescue "mom's" home.
Photo: Mom with her 2 1/2 week old kittens in California.
Photo: 2 1/2 weeks old in California.
Photo: New Mom and a hungry (and very tiny) kitten.
Photo: The kittens were raised inside this flue pipe until rescued.
Photo: Not the nicest place to raise a family, but it was secure and protected the kittens from the males in the area.
Photo: Good thing it wasn't the time of year for Bar-B-Q's.
Photo: The fellow's probably the daddy of the two larger kittens (one of which didn't make it).
Photo: Sharing a nap at their new foster home in Victoria.
Photo: Mom and her kittens sharing a nap at their new foster home in Victoria.  Took this one seconds after the last photo -- the scruffy one on the bottom (the runt of the litter) looked up.
Photo: Just 4 weeks old at this point.  They spend a lot of time sleeping and snuggling together (when they're not playing and exploring, that is).
Photo: Momma having a well deserved rest.
Photo: The smallest of the litter having an evening snack.
Photo: Second largest of the litter, this little gal loves to explore, play and sleep!  She's about 420g in this photo -- taken at ~4 weeks old.
Photo: This little fellow is the most adventurous of the litter.  He's the only male (we think) and second smallest -- 370g at ~4 weeks old in this photo.  He was first to go after mom's solid food, and held his ground when one of our cats was allowed in their room.
Photo: Here's the biggest one (a girl, we think -- 460g at ~4 weeks in this photo).  Sadly, she passed away April 10.
Photo: This little girl is the runt of the litter (270g at ~4 weeks in this photo).  Her eyes seem a bit splayed (exotropia)... but they're still developing and she seems to get along just fine.  No problem getting this little gal interested in solid food (keeps going after mom's food).
Photo: Another photo of the smallest of the litter -- almost like she wanted to pose for the camera!
Photo: The little ones camped out on Nathaniel.  He didn't want to distrub their slumber, so had lunch on the floor.
Photo: The smallest of the litter on a safari hunt across my son's shoulders.  Look at those claws!
Photo: The largest of the litter (passed away April 10).  She's was cuddler!