To Killerby, Stained Glass Centre
Mar 8, 2011Public
Photo: Dorothy and Peter
Photo: Val Green explains the work involved in repairs to glass
Photo: Val Green-How blessed are we to have the Killerby Glass Centre so near to us in Filey-. It was good to have time just to look at what was happening to repair the glass and lovely cup of coffee afterwards !
Photo: Edmund,s pictures of the windows before the damage helped the restorers to make accurate replacement pieces.
Photo: Many new pieces of Glass had to be cut . The Colours had to match exactly the original Victorian and Edwardian ones
Photo: Hours of painstaking work are in progress
Photo: The glass is made from muffs like this one
Photo: Edmund and Pauline talk to Val
Photo: The kiln
Photo: Little bit of original inscription
Photo: Great exhibition too to see in the Centre
Photo: Lots to see from other works in progress