School St Diverter and Deep Rock Tunnel Inlet
Mar 12, 2011Public
Video: View of flow from Burgin Pky Culvert into the School St Diverter
Video: Trying to zoom in on a fish in the basin
Video: Staff Gauge in the Town Brook Channel section
the 'Natural Course' flows under Quincy Center, and anything over 18ft 'spills over' to the Deep Rock Tunnel
Photo: Foreground is flow from Burgin Pkwy Culvert
Background is the main inlet to Deep Rock Tunnel
Photo: Flow in from Burgin Pkwy Culvert
Deep Rock Tunnel Inlet is to the right
Photo: Staff Gauge in the main basin, (inlet to Deep Rock T approx 14.5ft), 
compare to approx 16.8ft at Town Brook Channel section
Photo: One of three  inlet basins at  Deep Rock Tunnel inlet in the background. 
Flow from Burgin Pkwy Culvert enters in the foreground, from the south (left). 
2nd inlet is identical
3rd inlet basin is the 'spillway' of the Town Brook 'natural course'