Mar 14, 2011Public
Photo: Entrance to Isham St Garage
Photo: 'The Square' 1 of 2 main 'town square' areas, 
Barnes & Noble on left
'Webster Walk' leads out to right
Photo: Sunday Morning Road Race
Finish Line at 'The Square'
Photo: Street Drain :
'Drains to Water Course'
Photo: Looking down Isham Rd from 'The Square' 
Memorial Garage in the distance
Crate&Barrel on the Right
Photo: Ann Taylor on Memorial Rd
Crate&Barrel across the street (off-camera right)
Different facades on the same building?
Photo: Part of Town Common 
Crate&Barrel is part of Blueback Sq Development, 
Town Hall is not !
Taken from rear of Town Hall 
Buildings to left in background are an unrelated business block across the street
Photo: Another veiw across the Town Common
(Blueback Square is adjacent to Town Hall
off-camera to left)
Building in distance is not part of BlueBack Square
Photo: Only Crate&Barrel is part of BlueBack Square
beyond Crate&Barrel are 
'Webster Walk', Town Library, Congregational Church
Photo: Business Block across from BlueBack Sq.
Memorial Rd leads to BlueBack on the right.
Crate&Barrel, Church, Library are just
off-camera to the right
Photo: Business block across from BlueBack Sq
Photo: "The Square" as viewed from 'Webster Walk'
Barnes&Noble is just off-camera to the right
Photo: View of "The Square' taken from Isham Garage
'Webster Walk' leads to the right from Barnes&Noble