Town Brook Diagrams & Drawings
Mar 12, 2011Public
Photo: Panoramic of Lowes under Construction
shot from Quincy Adams T station, Oct 16, 2010
Photo: Detail Plan of 'Center St Diverter' 
Located at Center St & Burgin Pkwy
Beneath the Rt3 Ramp/Overpass
(Center Left )
Photo: Streetworks Artist Rendition of 'daylighted' and 'relocated'  Town Brook,  
viewed from Revere Rd  near Hancock St
Source: Street-Works; publised in Patriot Ledger
Photo: Detail Plan of School St Diverter to Deep Rock Tunnel
Photo: Overview of Town Brook Project Areas in Quincy
Photo: Description of the 3 projects that must be done first
Town Brook detail on lower right panel
Source: Street-Works; published by Patriot Ledger
Photo: 'Pocket Park' for 'Town Brook Waterway'
as proposed by Street-Works  March 2011