Ed & Lisa's wedding
Nov 28, 2010Public
Photo: Ed and Lisa having just signed up to each other
Photo: Ed and Lisa, Ed's mum Barbara, and Uncle Graham lurking in the shadows
Photo: In the opulence of Fulham Register Office
Photo: With best man Chris and best woman (formerly known as maid of honour), another Lisa
Photo: With Alex Plunkett (Lizzi Parlett's son, Ed's nephew)
Photo: The heavy mob (Graham Parlett, Paul Chown, Ed) at The Old Bank of England pub, Fleet Street
Photo: Uncle Chow (Paul Chown), Barbara, Graham, Ed, Alex
Photo: Chow, Barbara, Ed, Alex, Graham, and a square cake disguised as the Hanging Strawberries of Babylon
Photo: Lisa consults with Foyles bookshop colleagues on how to approach the cutting of the edifice
Photo: Waiting to be served. Lisa's mum, Ruth, seated at left
Photo: The speeches begin
Photo: Waxing eloquent, as befits denizens of Foyles
Photo: Chow, Ed and Graham get hysterical
Photo: Chow taught Alex how to throw a coin through a solid table
Photo: The coin trick progresses...
Photo: ... to a triumphant conclusion, even if Chow has fallen asleep
Photo: Ed and sister Lizzi
Photo: About to launch into the Bunny Hug, or something