BGS Colloquium-XI Lisbon 2008
Apr 30, 2008Public
Photo: L-R = (1) Monica Lima, (4) Adrian Seville, (6) Irving Finkel
Photo: I share random thoughts on chance and skill while trying not to look like Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby of Midsomer Murders. (Photo by J N Silva)
Photo: Rangachar Vasantha describes the Astrology Game of King Krishnaraja Wodeyar III of Mysore
Photo: Hands-on enjoyment at the exhibition of mathematical games.
Photo: The Philosophers' Game
Photo: Oops! There goes that mathematical table again.
Photo: Mathematical games on exhibition.
Photo: Late arrivals at the Mathematicians Ball.
Photo: Sophie Ahmed at play
Photo: Mrs & Mr Whitehill (since December 2007)
Photo: Sybille and Bruce take a close-up of Ulrich Schaedler
Photo: Caroline Goodfellow with Saskia and Fred Horn, apparently going off in all directions
Photo: Starring Arie van der Stoep as Don Quixote and Thierry Depaulis as Sancho Panza.
Photo: Bruce busily classifying non-electronic board games
Photo: Brian Magerko is suddenly struck by another brilliant thought
Photo: V Balambal on the resurgence of traditional board games in India
Photo: Jorge, Sophie and Irving are either lost in admiration or waiting to be struck by lightning
Photo: Francisco practises games culturally
Photo: Gaspar Pujol wonders whether his opponent is an enemy or a complementary
Photo: Ulrich Schaedler presents an appreciative medallion to Jorge Nuno Silva
Photo: Irving Finkel conducts a game of Fifty-eight Holes
Photo: Mauricio Lima enquires after Mancala games in Brazil
Photo: João Pedro Neto smokes an imaginary cigar before being carried away by game rule mutators