Paris playing-card museum
Jul 7, 2015Public
Photo: My favourite exhibit
(Faïence de Creil-Montereau, late 19th century)
Photo: Musée français de la carte à jouer, Issy -
don't be put off by its forbidding exterior!
Photo: There are two quite extensive underground floors of exhibits. The lighting is low-level to ensure preservation and, of course, flash photography is not allowed
Photo: A Nain Jaune board (aka Yellow Dwarf, similar to Pope Joan)
and other card-gaming accoutrements
Photo: A mouth-watering collection of objects
Photo: Modern cards for the Japanese Game of 100 Poets, based on poems collected by Teika in 1235. Still popular today
Photo: Illustration sonore: bande originale du film "Marius"
 de Marcel Pagnol (1950)
Photo: I had to take it sideways to avoid reflection,
but  can't find the caption
Photo: I think this must be Le Rouge et le Noir,
by Eléna & Michel Gran, 1995.
Photo: Late 17th century trompe-l'oeil needlepoint
Photo: A collection of Jokers
Photo: And finally - I can't remember what this is!