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Apr 12, 2012Public
Photo: Different type of megalithic wall built like all of those type without any mortar. The stones are more irregular, but you cannot fit a razor blade in the joints. The hidden contact surfaces between the stones within the wall are mostly perfect fits without any filling or space in between. You find the exact same construction technology in the oldest Egyptian temples like in Giza and Abydos. That's different to Greek or Roman mortarless walls where the hidden stones surfaces are of concave shape with only the edges touching (anathyrosis).
Photo: Kaiserstraße Dortmund after Snowstorm on Dec 17, 2010
Photo: Viking Lander 1, 12B069, August 30 1976, calibration by Holger Isenberg
Photo: Mars-Earth Logo
© January 2013 by Holger Isenberg
Dortmund, Germany,

Background image:
1976 NASA/JPL Viking Lander 1
color calibration by Holger Isenberg