Pacific Coast, Peru
Dec 4, 2011Public
Photo: El Candelabro on the peninsula south of Paracas. Technically not difficult to explain how to dig that 200m long figure into the sand or lime stone. But it's not just heaps of sand as those would be quickly swept away by the wind.
Photo: Islas Ballestas.
Photo: Islas Ballestas. 3 Humboldt Pinguins.
Photo: Islas Ballestas.
Photo: Islas Ballestas. Before the industrial harvesting of the guano, the layer of bird shit was about 30m on some parts of the islands.
Photo: Islas Ballestas.
Photo: Islas Ballestas.
Photo: The Paracas History Museum. A small private collection but with some exquisite artifacts like 18 elongated skulls, textiles, pottery and metal work. More:
Photo: Elongated human skulls. My theory on that: The local people tried to imitate the  narrow faces of a social superior group in contrast to the locals very round heads. In the 16th century those were the Spaniards and before that the phenotype which is depicted in the Easter Island Moai statues. There are some reports, that the Inca had some European phenotype characteristics. Paracas History Museum.
Photo: Paracas History Museum.
Photo: Looks like the Hindu god Ganesha. Paracas History Museum.
Photo: Not quite ancient aliens but at least ancient Space Invaders! Textile, at least some hundred years old from an excavation in Parascas. Paracas History Museum.
Photo: A quipu, the recording or message transportation device for the Inca. Paracas History Museum.
Photo: A larger quipu at the Regional History Museum in Ica, which as collection of elongated skulls, too.
Photo: Old metal discs from excavations near Paracas. Paracas History Museum.
Photo: A fossile giant shark tooth from the Megalodon species. Sells for $150 in the village Paracas. Though tooth like this are found in that area, this one was suspicious heavy. It wasn't bought as generally the problem is, you are not allowed to export fossils and ancient cultural objects from Peru!
Photo: The American style shopping center Larcomar in Lima, with original American prices and on schedule christmas shopping start on Thanks Giving.
Photo: The Costa Verde, Lima. Yes it has spots of green but more prominent are those steep gravel cliffs.
Photo: The South American Explorers Club in the very style of house you would expect it. Lima.
Photo: Original British Tea Time at the South American Explorers Club. More precisely: it's Low Tea.
Photo: The adobe and clay brick pyramid Huaca Pucllana in Lima is surrounded by the downtown area so the 500m x 100m size is always hidden behind some buildings.
Photo: Huaca Pucllana, Lima.
Photo: Huaca Pucllana, Lima.
Photo: Huaca Pucllana, Lima.