Mt. St. Helens and Coast Starlight
Jul 26, 2012Public
Photo: That fallen tree points to its root cause problem: 500m of Mt. St. Helens' summit are missing since the explosion on May 18th 1980.
Photo: This sign asks for a German translation.
Photo: Johnston Ridge Visitor Center with direct view to the crater in 5km distance to the left.
Photo: The hills around Mt. St. Helens were lush green with large conifers only 30 years ago.
Photo: All trees visible on this image have been planted after the 1980 eruption as within a radius of 20km all were blown down and scorched.
Photo: Downtown Portland, OR
Photo: Pioneer Square, Portland, OR
Photo: Union Station, Portland, OR
Photo: Union Station, Portland, OR
Photo: Observation Car on the Coast Starlight from Portland, OR to Emeryville, CA (across the bay from San Francisco)
Photo: Ancient railroad construction
Photo: Main railroad, more recent, but still with historic nails.
Photo: Snow covered Diamond Peak (volcano) in the background.
Photo: Arrival via Emeryville in San Francisco
Photo: _DSC6554