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Photo: British Museum. 2800 year-old stele of Shamshi Adad from Assyrian capital Nimrud. The unusual cross symbol for that time was later used by the Knight Templars. The wristwatch is temporary standard gear for all gods and rulers.
Photo: British Museum. A deity can easily be identified on Assyrian stelae from Nimrud by their wings, two wristwatches and a small utility case or a Panasonic Toughbook CF-29.
Photo: British Museum. Assurian deity with typical animal mask. Same masks are known from Egypt.
Photo: Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal from Nimrud with protective "gods" working on the the tree of life which looks suspiciously like the DNA double helix. Again all with their standard gear: wings, two wristwatches, utility case. British Museum.
Photo: The inscription on this basalt block tells the story of the origin of the universe. Then it was remodeled for a millstone. British Museum.
Photo: Egyptian granite sarcophagus of Hapmen with obvious traces of plasticine like stone during construction on the upper edges. British Museum.
Photo: Plasticine like stone during construction. British Museum.
Photo: Limestone from the Mausolem at Halicarnassus showing perfect three dimensional fitting of the joint without mortar. British Museum.
Photo: Detail of mortar free perfect joint.
Photo: Winged figures reappeared some centuries later in Europe. Here as emblem for one of the four Inns of Court.
Photo: Sign of the old Mitre Tavern, City of London. Note, that "City of  London" means "The Corporation of the City of London" which is the central area in downtown London, marked by red white bollards. One of its well kept legacy over the centuries at least since 700 years, and most likely even longer since the Roman period, is its elected local government, independent from monarchies and the church.
Photo: Underground station "Temple", City of London. Here you see the typical Templar Cross, the very same as in Nimrud, 2000 years before the Templars were founded.
Photo: Underground station "Embankment", City of London.
Photo: Yes, in ancient times stock traders gave orders by phone. City of London.
Photo: Underground station "Bank".
Photo: Ancient history everywhere in the City: This Mithras Temple was discovered in 1954.
Photo: Not misleading, just "The Red Herring". City of London.
Photo: "The Golden Fleece", City of London.
Photo: 88 Wood Street, City of London. Our UK office (e-Spirit AG).
Photo: 88 Wood Street, City of London. Our UK office (e-Spirit AG).
Photo: The famous Barbican apartment complex. City of London.
Photo: Coat of arms of the Corporation of the City of London. Elected local government and free global trade since the Roman period.
Photo: Ice skating in front of the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Photo: You don't mess with that building. M's office windows might be visible here.