Mars Society Convention 2013
Sep 2, 2013Public
Photo: Dr. Robert Zubrin , President Mars Society
Taber MacCallum, CEO & CTO Paragon Space Dev. Corp.
Denis Tito, First Tourist in Space (MIR)
Photo: The 2013 Mars Society Convention was held in the Glenn Miller Ballroom at Colorado University, Boulder.
Photo: Mars Society Convention 2013 in the Glenn Miller Ballroom
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Photo: Dr. James Reuther, NASA Deputy Associate Administrator, Space Technology Mission Directorate
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Photo: Dr. Julie Castillo-Rogez, JPL
Photo: DSC07469
Photo: John Brophy, Ion Propulsion System Manager for Dawn Mission, JPL
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Photo: DSC07490
Photo: Andre Caminoa and Giorgio Gaviraghi, Unispace
Photo: DSC07492
Photo: Dr. Donald Hassler, Science Program Director at Southwest Research Institute Boulder and Principal Investigator of the Radiation Assessment Detector on the Curiosity Rover (MSL)
Photo: DSC07513
Photo: Chris Voorhees, Vice President, Spacecraft Development, Planetary Resources
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Photo: DSC07519
Photo: Nick Schneider, University of Colorado, Instrument Lead for the Imaging UV Spectrograph on MAVEN