Fall/Summer 2015
Nov 4, 2015Public
Photo: Seeding top of Elma Lift with certified seed mix for erosion control.
Photo: Race hutch is getting filled in with foam for insulation and to start the finishing construction work.
Photo: Tree spade is working hard these days to relocate healthy small trees.
Photo: Ski Area is looking lush after summer rains!
Photo: Maintenance on the tree spade.
Photo: Tree spade working on the side of Bunny hop.
Photo: Adding the final dirt work to the relocated trees on Susan's Run.
Photo: Final work is done with shovel to give the tree the best chance it can have to adapt to its new location.
Photo: Replanted small trees on the top of Susan's to create a natural border to protect the beginner area.
Photo: Final work on the transplanted trees.
Photo: Windows are in at the Race Hutch!
Photo: Charisma after the work of burying electrical lines.
Photo: Wolf Creek is working on removing beetle-kill hazard trees from the lift corridors and around buildings.
Photo: Looking from inside out - in the Race Hutch.
Photo: Working on the Nova Lift.
Photo: The seeded areas are looking great on Looky Loo!
Photo: Firewood is no longer available.
Photo: Firewood is no longer available here at the ski area.
Photo: Race Course has electrical lines buried for the timing equipment. Area has been seeded to prevent erosion.
Photo: Swing testing on the Elma Lift.