Construction Summer/Fall 2014
Nov 11, 2014Public
Photo: Experienced cement workers come from New Mexico to finish the final stage of the Race Hutch.
Photo: Dragging the cement truck up to the pumper to final stage of the Race Hutch.
Photo: The road is slick but the cement truck gets put in place with the help of the Case 921B.
Photo: The hose is laid across Bunny Hop so the cement can reach the Race Hutch
Photo: Getting the Cement Truck in place.
Photo: The cement slurry is put into the pumper.
Photo: The cement workers are waiting for the cement to come through the pipe.
Photo: The cement mud is pumped to the lower level first.
Photo: Race Hutch gets its cement floor on the lower level.
Photo: Upper level of the Race Hutch
Photo: Working the cement in the upper level of the Race Hutch.
Photo: Cutting down some of the beetle kill in base area.
Photo: Storm moving out at the end of the work day on 9.29.14
Photo: Base Area enjoys 4 inches of new snow on 9.29.14.
Photo: Streams rushing after the storm, 9.29.14.
Photo: Progress is being made on the new race hutch
Photo: The concrete truck hooking up to the concrete pumping truck
Photo: The race hutch will store all the racing equipment, fencing and poles.
Photo: The new location of the race hutch
Photo: The concrete walls being pumped in to the Race Hutch.