Camp Minsi 2011 - Day 5
Jul 22, 2011Public
Photo: What sort of crazy gets up at 6AM every day to go swimming?
Photo: Wild Man Bradley
Photo: Matthew
Photo: We all mull around a while till
Photo: Till...
Photo: Till...
Photo: Till...
Photo: Till it is time for out triumphant homage to the waterfront 
Get Wet! Get Wet! Get Wet (we have to say that)
Photo: and sometimes somber
Photo: Yes Patrick,
Photo: and Mr. Gargano are whackos too.
Photo: and of course, the usual suspects
Photo: It is surprisingly calm before
Photo: These guys get here
Photo: After swimming, what is more logical for boys than
Photo: an
Photo: early
Photo: morning
Photo: rock throwing
Photo: contest
Photo: Lets go guys