Barry's Bench
Sep 5, 2010Public
Photo: Barry's Bench: Telopea a couple of metres away
Photo: plaque detail
Photo: Barry's Bench, in full sun most of the day, some shade in the afternoon
Photo: View while sitting on the bench
Photo: more Telopeas
Photo: other plants, including Kambah Karpet
Photo: Telopeas bloom October-November
Photo: more distant view
Photo: Queensland Bottle Tree at the entrance to the area of Barry's Bench (the works at the back will be going soon, they are putting in an irrigation system using water from the lake)
Photo: Queensland Bottle Tree plaque, at the entrance to the area of Barry's Bench
Photo: 'Blackboy' in the section of Barry's Bench.  Reminded me of 'Henry Tomastacyuk took my piccaninni' .... (me crying ...)
Photo: nice bench near the Blackboys - my second favourite, but the view when sitting not so nice
Photo: Xanthorrhoea australis (Blackboy)
Photo: Banksia ericifolia plaque
Photo: Banksia Ericifolia
Photo: Kambah Karpet in the area of favoured bench
Photo: right next to the favourite bench: Telopeas will be magnificent when in flower
Photo: Barry's Bench: before the plaque was added, nice plantings behind, in sun part of the day, in shade sometimes.  I reckon meerkatting in the sun would be perfect here!
Photo: Barry's Bench: from another angle, note the Banksia Ericifolia behind, and the wattle
Photo: view of Black Mountain Tower from near Barry's Bench
Photo: Kambah Karpet, not far from Barry's Bench
Photo: Black Mountain Tower, which is behind Barry's Bench
Photo: perfect pic of Telopea!