1962 Monza Wagon
May 5, 2011Public
Photo: As first seen - been sitting quite a while... Last licensed in1997.  At least it's got some good points showing.  Note the crossed flags emblem.  That's for the High Performance 102 hp engine!  The correct wagon only rear bumper is there.
Photo: Yep, it's a Genuine, 1962 Monza Station Wagon.  The Monza cross is correct!  One of only 2,362 ever built.  Most were Powerglide 2sp. automatic & equipped with standard bench seat This one is a factory 4 speed, 102 HP, bucket seat "sports wagon"!  My guess is that less than 400 would have been built with these options back in the day.
Photo: Someone put a import truck bench seat in there...  but look carefully and you see the clutch pedal and floor shift for the 4 speed.
It's got a padded dash, looks to be original and un-damaged. I have a set of correct Bucket Seats to install in the car.  Obviously the interior needs a complete restoration!
Photo: Loaded up and ready to go.  Corvair Buddy Joe Phillips joined in the recovery adventure and brought his fantastic GMC Yukon Denali and dual axle trailer.  Thanks Joe!!
Photo: It's at my shop now
Photo: UGH. Were nice chrome wire wheels once upon a time.  But they do clean up fairly well...
Photo: A couple of hours of cleaning the wheel/tire and sanding the protective layer of paint
Photo: As found on the left, it looked pretty bad.  After about an hour cleaning, i think they will make a great set of driver quality chrome spoke wheels.  Need to find a set of those dangerous spinners!!
These Dunlop chrome wire wheels have since found a new home on my 1964 Monza Convertible.
Photo: Original color was Honduras Maroon (metallic)  with Fawn Interior.
Photo: Engine is said to run. Looks like its been worked on. Fan and top shroud are not correct.  But the engine is the correct code for the 102hp 4 speed engine  T1211YQ  Has no oil filler on top, and does have the filler tube visible thru the back access hatch.
Photo: Engine code is Correct date and Code T1211YQ - a Station Wagon 102 HP 4 speed engine block. It has the correct dipstick/filler pipe. I'm sure it's the original engine block. - Body build 12C - Engine build 12/11
Photo: Battery box is in reasonable shape.
Photo: 12C = December 3rd Week 1961. Just before Christmas! STYLE 62-0935 = 1962 Monza Station Wagon BODY WR 1175 - Willow Run plant. Trim code 769 Fawn Bucket seats Paint code 948 = Honduras Maroon Metallic. It was a beautiful car when new, no doubt. You can see some of the maroon color under the orange/red. ACC AEHJO.
A=Heater E=? H=Padded Dash J=Tinted Windshield O=Man. Transmission
Photo: V.I.N. plate - 20935W165341 - should be bare stainless but other careless owners have poorly applied multiple layers of paint...
Photo: Factory optional padded dash is pretty decent original, no cracks.  Instrument cluster needs some help, however.  Need a new wheel, too, of course.
Photo: Has optional 2 speed wipers and windshield washers.
Photo: Location of screws for removable trim for side window glass panels
Photo: Here is the interior of a 1962 Monza with 4 speed on the floor.  These were sold by the hundreds of thousands!  Bucket Seats were standard on the popular coupe, but cost another $59 to add them to the sedan or wagon Monzas.
Photo: Here's the engine bay in mine - as found.  The engine cover insulation is in great shape.
I've since restored the proper air cleaner system. Nice to find the original engine is still there and runs great!
Photo: Here is what the original paint should look like.
Honduras Maroon is a metallic color.  Looks great with the Fawn interior
Photo: round 1962 seat button with retainer on a cross section of the correct upholstery pleats with padding behind.
Photo: Original seat buttons installed at junction of heat press pleats
Photo: Door panel buttons are heat/glued to the vinyl pleated panel.
Photo: Full set of buttons for doors and seats.