1964 Monza Conv.
Jun 3, 2011Public
Photo: Got the old stock headlight guards installed.  Great afternoon photo opportunity, really brings out the yellow and hides all the flaws!
Photo: This is how we found it. Tucked away in tis guys garage. Its been stored by previous owners since 1978.  Originally Ermine White, its been re-pained pale yellow.
Photo: Trunk has very minimal rust. A couple of old tires and some bent wheel well trim along with a gas fired heater is all the treasures in there.  Yellow paint is dull and scratched in many places.
Photo: Super easy to load up on to Joe's trailer.
Photo: The Rare 'Vair Hunter bags another one.
Photo: Chained down and strapped down, it's not going anywhere, except to follow us home!
Photo: Stopped at Kennedy School McMenamins on the way back
Photo: It's running, but still needs more tune up work before its a driver. I just had to put some wire wheels on it.
Photo: Originally was Ermine White, Black interior is correct. Tinted w/s, 4 sp, padded dash day/night mirror, "wood" wheel
Photo: Not the original engine, but it does run
Photo: Here is the coveted factory "wood" sport wheel. only one crack.  Owner installed Quick Steering arms, Oil Pressure and Amp gauges. Dash pad is perfect.  Quick shift is also installed along with a vintage T-handle shift knob.
Photo: Original upholstery has seen better days.
Photo: Big grin means that this Corvair runs and drives!!  Just got back from a drive around the neighborhood.  Discovered quick steering has been added!!
Photo: I bought a used boot cover for $20 - I't not for an EM Corvair, thats for sure! Only a couple of the snaps are in the right place.  Sure looks sweet with the top down and Mr. Preston riding shotgun.  I really like the look of the dual tail-lights.
Photo: Mr. Preston got his first ride in a convertible today!
Photo: Spent an enjoyable weekend bringing it back from resting for 33 years!!
Photo: Setting sun gives it a much more yellow glow.  Those Dunlop Chrome wires sure look great on there!
Photo: Previous owners custom tail-light wiring and lenses gives it a great look.  Need to get a rear air grille.
Photo: Requisite glamour shot by the lake.  I've moved the bumper guards from the front to the rear since I took this shot.  I'll have to do an update.
Photo: 1960s aftermarket headlight stone guards fit FC bezels