1965 Monza Convertible
Dec 25, 2011Public
Photo: Here it has arrived at my house the night before Christmas.
Photo: I drove it up from Vancouver at night and it make the trip just fine - It drives like a new car!
Photo: This is #1 of the photos in the ad when it was on CL.  It's a real "ragtop" Big hole down the center of the material.  Back window is shot.
I put a shower curtain on with duct tape to drive it home!
Photo: Here's #2 - it looks like some metal is warped out, but it turns out it was the rub strips coming loose!
Photo: Here's #3 - Interior in fair shape, it seems.  Needs alot of cleaning, It will be a light ivory color with a dark brown carpet when restored.
Red areas will be dark gold
Photo: Here's a pic I took of the engine bay when I went down to look at it.
Photo: Battery is housed in a marine case - It is amazingly free of corrosion in that area - usually holes to be repaired in most Corvairs!
Photo: V.I.N. tag checks out fine - it's been painted over.
Photo: 1965 Monza Convertible May 3rd week  LOS 1654 body  773 = Fawn  S-1 - Sierra Tan gold metallic 2LP 4P
Photo: Passenger door - great shape
Photo: door hinge areas - free of rust and damage - YEaH!
Photo: Under the dash board panel - excellent condition - no rust!
Photo: Up above the drivers footwell - great shape.
Photo: Cables, brake lines, heater controls, wiring - excellent.
Photo: This is the original color - It will be repainted just like this - Sierra Tan is actually a nice Gold Metallic. Top will be a dark tan.
Photo: Here is an ad with a gold Corsa -
Photo: This 1965 ad has an Evening Orchid Corsa coupe - The interior will be similar to this.