1966 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa - 180 Turbo Coupe
Sep 18, 2007Public
Photo: 1966 Corvair Corsa Turbocharged 180 HP. The top of the Corvair line and last year for the Corsa and Turbocharged engine. Chateau Slate (Metallic medium Silver) Black vinyl interior..
Photo: 1966 Corsa w/ factory telescoping steering column RPO N36 and the 4 speed manual transmission RPO M20. An AM Pushbutton radio is also present RPO U63
Photo: 1966 Corvair Corsa w/ 15" Camaro Alloy wheels.  Darker silver area on the lower door is the original Chateau Slate silver metallic paint.
Photo: 1966 Corvair Corsa original door panels and trim. Emblem above armrest is Corsa specific.
Photo: 1966 Corvair Corsa, original factory upholstery in great shape, overall. - This car was created to be the ultimate driver's Corsa.  Performance options abound.
Photo: 1966 Chevrolet RPO* - L87 Turbocharged 180 HP engine
- 1951 produced during the last year it was available. 
(*RPO = Regular Production Option, a letter+number code system to order specific options for your Chevy.)
Photo: Fisher Body ID tag on rear frame rail.
12C = December, 1965 3rd week 
ST 66-10737 LOS 773 BODY = 1966 Chev. Corvair Corsa coupe Los Angeles #773
TR 758-Z  W-W PAINT = Black vinyl bucket seats, no headrests, Chateau Slate paint
4O = RPO L87 Turbocharged 180 HP engine
This car is also equipped with M20 4 speed trans. G81 Positraction, F41 HD suspension and N44 quick steering, N36 Telescoping column & P-19 spare wheel lock.
Photo: 1966 Corsa - Engine block code T1209RL = Tonowanda, NY built. December 9th, 1965 Turbo engine
Photo: 1966 Corsa, cleanest 41 year old ashtray I've ever seen!
Photo: The worst inflicted damage found so far is this hatchet job access for past fuel tank/line work. I will weld that up!! Factory applied sound deadener or "undercoating" applied under here.
Photo: Driver's side suspension shows years & miles of use.
This car was meant to be on the road!!
Photo: A couple of hours of intense cleaning is rewarded.
Photo: I've uncovered this code cast into the quick steering arms. They have the same amount of crud as the rest of the suspension, indicating that they are original parts.
Photo: This yellow swab of paint is on the Saginaw quick steering box. What does it mean? Perhaps it denotes it as a special part? The box & arms are RPO N44
Photo: GM factory tag on the front spring with code HJ and part number 3875088 indicate HD suspension RPO F41
Photo: Turbo outlet pipe with the correct surrounds and some factory sealant still hanging around.
Original turbo oil drain is on the left.
Photo: Factory Negative battery cable part # 2987251F has spring clip end and black secondary wire as shown
Photo: Factory Positive battery cable part # 2987281ZF  has spring clip style end and red secondary wire as shown
Photo: A small photo story from "Turbochargers" by Hugh McInnes.  First edition only.
I'd sure like to meet Chuck Sarson & talk Turbo Corvairs!
Photo: Factory original Turbo-Charger outlet hose clamps and hose
Photo: 1966 Corsa Turbo factory turbo drain hose clamps shroud sealant