1963 Greenbrier Project
Aug 30, 2012Public
Photo: 1963 late Greenbrier CA black plate
Photo: Cab interior has been extensively modified with red interior paint, black dash paint, a pair of reclining bucket seats.
Originally a Powerglide automatic it will be converted to a 4 speed transaxle
Photo: As stored in Chet's out-building.  the seats are in pretty decent shape and  I'm going to keep them.
Notice the car steering wheel.
Photo: Driver's side floor sheet-metal is in great shape!
Photo: Original 1963 license plate from San Diego
Photo: Failed clear coat on the paint looks really bad!  But the body is in great shape.
Photo: Clear coat is coming off in sheets!
Photo: Little bit of rust popping up in the usual spot on the lower door edge
Photo: Inside the drivers side wheel-well area.  No rust!!
Photo: Ceiling has panels of carpet glued to the original liner.  Needs some help! The ribs have been covered with detailed wood strips.  Interior was standard "fawn" gold.  Someone did a great job re-spraying the entire interior in a nice red
Photo: Lower edge of passenger door pillar needs a little rust repair.
Photo: Inside front passenger wheel well.  Very solid!
Photo: Small rust hole in passenger door pillar bottom.  Easy patch repair
Photo: Passenger side rear suspension.  Someone added spacer bars to the springs.  They will be tossed.
Photo: Passenger side of cab floor panel.  The worst rust on the Greenbrier.  Will get a replacement panel for this and eliminate the problem
Photo: Bell Crank steering assembly