Aug 2, 2012Public
Photo: Brain Damage.
Collaboration with artist Justin Aerni.
Mixed medium on found paper.
Date Created: 2013.
Both artists have signed the painting for authenticity.
©Marisol McKee & ©Justin Aerni.
Photo: Drink or Die.
29 x 25 inches.
Acrylics, ink, and pencils on a paper map.
Artists: Justin Aerni and Marisol McKee.
Date Created: August 2012.
Signed by both artists.
Photo: "Mama I Killed a Man."
Collaboration with artist Justin Aerni.
8.5 x 11 inches.
Mixed medium on acid-free paper.
Created in August 2012.
Photo: Honor Thy Mother.
Collaboration with Justin Aerni.
8.5/11 inches or 22/28 cm.
Mixed medium on paper.
©Marisol McKee and ©Justin Aerni