Art Studio
Jul 18, 2012Public
Photo: Renovation in progress.
Photo: Old barn type shed. Soon to be my studio.
Photo: Recent score at the Restore.
Photo: Sealing up the edges.
Photo: Another day spent repurposing this old barn wood.
Photo: Clearing a path around my studio.
Photo: My little buddy. Always watching me work.
Photo: Letting some light in.
Photo: Had help today. Framing went faster. I know this is not the proper way to frame. But it works.
Photo: View from the back. Still a lot left to do.
Photo: Had some more help today with framing. Front almost finished.
Photo: Wrapping complete.
Photo: Another Restore score. $25 for this door. Actually got it framed and hung today. Will post pictures later.
Photo: Today I sanded and prepped the door. I was only able to paint one layer due to the rain. But so far I am happy with the results. This week I will paint a second coat and fix the bottom trim (weather permitting).
Photo: Not a bad view.
Photo: Windows are in.
Photo: Trench digging.
Photo: While digging we discovered red clay.
Photo: Trench #1 complete. Not as easy as it looks.
Photo: My work gloves.
Photo: The dreaded crawl space.
Photo: Me after crawling under the house to run electric cables.
Photo: Another Restore score. 6 outlets + covers for 5 bucks!
Photo: Thank you to the kind neighbor who hooked up main power to my studio.