Denton NC Old Photos
Dec 28, 2006Public
Photo: JM Daniel - BI Harrison
Photo: J.M. Daniel
Photo: B.I. Harrison - Founder of Denton
Photo: Nettie Morris  -  J.M. Daniel
Photo: J.M. Daniel 1904 - Played a Big Role in Building Denton
Photo: Early Denton History
Photo: B.I. Harrison and J.M. Daniel - First General Store in Denton 1882
Photo: BI Harrison - Home
Photo: Samuel Peacock - Named Post Office
Photo: Mayors for the Town of Denton NC ~ 1907 - 2007
Photo: Post Office - early 40s
Photo: Post Office Dedication 1961
Photo: The First Physician in Denton
Photo: Dr. Plummer working with first Doctor. [ DR. Anderson ]
Photo: Dr. Clyatt
Photo: Dr. Griffis
Photo: Dr. Gobel- 1961
Photo: Mangundayao
Photo: Looking South on N. Main street
Photo: Denton 1957 at 50yrs