Aug 15, 2011Public
Photo: DJ
Photo: channeling Clint Eastwood
Photo: Brief athletic career
Photo: '74 - I won't always be looking up to you, Dad
Photo: 5th - '75
Photo: always a hit with the girls
Photo: new coveralls for everyone
Photo: Farmer Chris
Photo: Lookin' good (and knowin' it)
Photo: Happy birthday from Snoopy
Photo: In Hawaii with Mom & Dad
Photo: Halloween with makeup
Photo: Some kind of clay project
Photo: Science project awards
Photo: The Project
Photo: Confirmation
Photo: The Scholar
Photo: Erector Set Robot
Photo: Tasha 6 wks
Photo: Tasha still 6 wks
Photo: Sooner
Photo: Bike Hike
Photo: Oompah shares his beer
Photo: Diabolical cousin