Swannies' Classic Shots
Apr 2, 2012Public
Photo: Billy Crang, Angkor Wat Half Marathon, Cambodia. 1 December 2013.
Photo: Congratulations to Freddo (wearing his Swannies top) and Alana for completing the Standard Chartered (Half?) Marathon in Singapore this morning! (1 December 2013.)
Photo: David "Angry" Hadley in Sri Lanka, November 2013.
Photo: Reigning Brownlow Medallist, Garry Ablett Jnr wears his Swannies hat, in Papua New Guinea with Swannie and AFL PNG Director, Kev Dacey. October, 2013.
Photo: Swannie and Secretary of AFL Asia, Mark Stennett has just made it to Mera Peak Summit in Nepal. That's just the lazy 6500m!

The high altitude training is intense - but must be a lot easier when protected by a Swannies' hat!

Mega awesome work, Stenno! 29 October, 2013.
Photo: Michael Johnston at Kuang Xi Waterfalls (near Vang Vieng) in Lao. October, 2013.
Photo: Swannies, Monkey's Josh and Nat Payne with the, as yet, unclaimed 2013 AFL Premiership Cup in Melbourne. 5 September 2013 - 23 days before the GF!
Photo: Dez (former Saigon President) and Fleur Limbrick win $23,250 on Channel 7's "Deal or No Deal" program back in Australia. Dezza wears his Swannies shirts and gives plenty of Swannies' plugs including Swim Vietnam. Fleur announced that she was pregnant. Go you Swannies!! 20 August, 2013.
Photo: "Dirty" Brian Farrell, pictured holding his Swannies jumper, plays his first game with the Aberdeen Eagles. "Footy in Scotland suits me. More mud to get dirty in!
Honk!" August, 2013.
Photo: Harry Hodge wears his Vietnam Swans at a home match of the Toronto Blue Jays (baseball) in Canada. August 2013.
Photo: Vietnam Swans, "American Michael" Weissbluth, trains with the Chicago Swans next to Lake Michigan in Chicago. 23 July, 2013.
Photo: Former Hanoi Prez, Mark "Willy" Williams - armed with his Swannies' hat - returns to the region and visits Angkor Wat in Cambodia with his mate, Luke Carey. July 2013.
Photo: Swannie, Mick O'Shea (brother of Dave), far left, finishes in 16th place out of 5,460 runners (top 0.29 per cent) in the Brisbane Times City2South 14km Run in June 2013.
Photo: Dave Kainey, Niagra Falls, June 2013.
Photo: The team bus broke down en route to the oval where we were to play the Malaysian Warriors in Kuala Lumpur. We then piled into seven taxis that roared off into the distance. Alas, none of the drivers had any more idea than us as to where we were headed. So, stop the convoy and take a photo of a Swannies hat on the roof of a cab! 30 March, 2013. Photo Mark Stennett, Drift Photography Tours.
Photo: Matt Natalotto, Lilo, Cebu, Philippines. March 2013
Photo: Ms Kim and Ms Thuy, Thailand, November, 2012.
Photo: The crew of HMAS Sydney wear Swannies' hats and have a mounted laminate of the match day banner between the Vietnam Swans and HMAS Sydney. Deck of HMAS Sydney, Saigon Port, 2 November 2012.
Photo: Steve Nolan, Australia, October 2012
Photo: Harry Hodge jogs into a Guess photo shoot at the Crescent in D7, Saigon - while wearing his Swannies' shorts. Oct 2012.
Photo: Matty Natalotto's motorbike with a Swannies' sticker, Manila, October, 2012.
Photo: Phil Jordan, 18th hole at Taekwang Jeongsan Country Club, Saigon, Sept 2012.
Photo: Swannie, John MacFarlane meets Official AFL Legend, Barry Cable. Perth, September 2012
Photo: Kyle Hackenberg in Baku, Azerbaijan, Aug 2012. Castle 2000 years.