Folk Train
Jun 29, 2016Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Treebeard start their performance on the train to Edale.
Photo: Anna on fiddle, Ceri on flute and Chris on bouzouki.
Photo: Paul with his guitar, next to Rob, the electrified bass player.
Photo: Treebeard in action with James on his cahon (box drum) occupying the aisle.
Photo: Close up of Anna on fiddle.
Photo: Close up of Rob the bass player.
Photo: Chris on bouzouki, with a view of the crowded coach.
Photo: Anna and Ceri.
Photo: Paul on guitar.
Photo: Close up of James.
Photo: A view of the Treebeard band.
Photo: Paul in full song with his guitar.
Photo: Paul makes use of the hand held drum.
Photo: Treebeard start action outside The Rambler at Edale.
Photo: Another view of the location outside The Rambler.
Photo: James and Paul.on the nearby pavement.
Photo: The standing portion of the audience outside The Rambler.
Photo: The darkness becomes more obvious.
Photo: Sorry Chris isn't shown completely.
Photo: Treebeard  with a dim view of the multiple audience, as they near departure time.
Photo: Treebeard make an expert use of the tunnel under the station platforms.
Photo: Chris and Ceri in action with bouzouki and bass on the return train to Sheffield.
Photo: Nearing Sheffield with Paul in full voice again.
Photo: James demonstrates a useful position for his cahon.