Folk Train
Jun 29, 2016Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Just four of the Isembard's Wheel band gathered to play on the Sheffield-Edale Folk Train.
Photo: Charlie Rostern playing the Irish style tambourine, known as a bodhran. It is struck with a double ended small stick - a tipper.
Photo: Alex Isembard, creator of the band, in action with his guitar.
Photo: Joss Mann-Hazel with his acoustic bass guitar.
Photo: Seth Bye in action with his guitar.
Photo: A view of the present members of Isembard's Wheel and the crowding audience on the train.
Photo: Isembard's Wheel sorting itself out to play in The Rambler at Edale.
Photo: Isembard's Wheel band members in action at The Rambler.
Photo: A close up of Seth on his fiddle.
Photo: Close up showing how Charlie strikes the bodhran with the tipper.
Photo: Alex in full voice with hsi guitar.
Photo: A close up of Joss in action on his bass.
Photo: Another direction of view in The Rambler. With no return train turning up I was not able to take pictures going back to Sheffield.