Folk Train
Jun 29, 2016Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Scuppered gathering on the Sheffield departure train to Edale.
Photo: Scuppered in action on the Folk Train. Andy on bass guitar, John on mandolin and Pete on guitar..
Photo: A close up of Pete with his guitar and singing to the microphone.
Photo: John taking singing action with the microphone.
Photo: Andy with his bass and also singing to the microphone.
Photo: Pete is playing his guitar as well as the harmonica submitted to the microphone.
Photo: A wider view of the band with Pete singing.
Photo: Scuppered getting ready in The Rambler.
Photo: A view of Scuppered in action, with more access to microphones and a fairly powerful amplifier.
Photo: A close up of Pete with guitar and singing.
Photo: A close up of Andy with his bass guitar.
Photo: John changes to a guitar.
Photo: Scuppered viewed from the archway room entrance.
Photo: A wider view!
Photo: Andy and Pete in singing action with their guitars.
Photo: On the on-time return train to Sheffield, Pete is setting up the more portable amplifier system.
Photo: Scuppered has spread into the luggage area.
Photo: The action on the return train is to engage the audience in singing carols.
Photo: Scuppered emphasise the singing as we approach Sheffield.